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Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide Book Review

Bookbinding, A Step-by-step Guide
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Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide is a very well laid out, easy to follow book to help get started in bookbinding. The author, Kathy Abbott has been in the bookbinding industry for well over 20 years and has a huge amount of experience which is clear from reading her latest book, Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide.

The instructions within this book are clear, concise and well worded; this coupled with the easy to follow illustrations, take the reader by the hand through the art of bookbinding.

Better than most books I have read on bookbinding. I would say you could follow

the book from the start even without any previous experience but the book really comes into it’s own if you have some prior knowledge of bookbinding and/or book renovation.  An enjoyable and educational book that should be purchased by any budding bookbinder.

Kathy talks about most types of bookbinding and offers a comprehensive terminology section towards the rear which helps clarify what certain tools, materials and technical terms aimed towards the beginner bookbinder.

For the more experienced bookbinders out there, Kathy also covers (in quite good detail) how to best work with leather, and multiple, more advanced bookbinding methods such as: multi-section bindings, full-cloth case, photograph album, quarter-leather binding with paper or cloth-covered sides, or wrap-around structure; and containers, such as a phase box, slipcase, or portfolio case.

There is a CD version of Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide for those wanting to follow on their computer or iPads.

Currently priced at £15.16 and available from Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide (Amazon UK)

You can also get the book at for $22.03Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide (Amazon USA)

Make sure to check out one of the Amazon links above where you can ‘peak inside’ the book and read a few pages to get a feel for the book before buying. If you’re also in a rush to get a copy you could consider getting an electronic copy for your kindle or ebook reader.

More information on Kathy Abbott.

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One Comment on "Bookbinding: A Step-by-Step Guide Book Review"

  1. Sarah Holloway says:

    I agree, it is a good book but much of the information contained within can be found on ibookbinding so only really useful if you don’t have a laptop!!

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