5 Beautiful Bookbinding-Themed Facebook Accounts to Follow This July

This month we retutrn with a new collection of links to beautiful bookbinding-themed Facebook accounts.

Dolores Baldó Estudio Edearte

Dolores is an award winning bookbinder from Madrid, Spain. She has a long history of bookbinding achievements and has made lots of beatiful books. Some more information could be found on her web site.

At the Facebook feed of her studio you can find her works as well as works of her students. She also posts photos depicting bookbinding processes and routines.

Kaori Maki

Kaori was born in Japan but spent most of her childhood in Singapore. She had won several Designer Bookbinders Competition awards over the past years. Now she lives and works in London, UK.

You will find lots of book making and printing realted posts in the feed of Kaori Maki. For more information and examples of her bindings visit her web site.

Carlos Rey

Carlos is a bookbinder, author and maker of bookbinding tools. You will find both photos of beatiful bindings and beatiful tools at his Facebook account. Lots of stories about other bookbinders and examples of their work can be found here.

Adelene Koh

One of the winners of the first Open•Set Competition, she also received a Highly Commended Certificate of the Designer Bookbinders’ Bookbinding Competition for two years in a row in 2014 & 2015.

You can find more examples of Adeline’s work and her blog posts at her web site.

Banyan Books & Illustrations

Moe Suzuki is a book artistist, illustrator and bookbinder based in Tokyo, Japan.

Find out more on the web site.

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