5 Beautiful Bookbinding-Themed Facebook Accounts to Follow This December

There are literally thousands of bookbinders on Facebook. Even in the US alone you can find many people, who practice bookbinding as a craft or as a hobby.

However, there are just so many people whose Facebook feeds are mostly dedicated to bookbinding, without some stray posts on politics and stuff. I’ve tried to gather some of them in the list below. If you like the idea, just leave a comment below and there will be some follow up posts in the future.

To appear on that list Facebook account had to have a reasonable share of book-realated or bookbinding-related posts (with nice photos).

1. Бојан Боян Бајан Живковић

If you are into old books, that’s definitely your choice.Book illumination, decoration, vellum bindings, library shelves — there are plenty of these here and more.


2. Leonora Kuisienė

Beautiful (and sometimes a bit strange) longstitch, French stitch, Coptic and other types bindings. And the photos are really great!


3. Richard Norman

The man behind the Eden Workshops has a lot of to share on bookbinding and book history.


4. Tienda Cuadernos

Neat bindings and really nice photos. If you want to see bookbinder at work — you should follow this Facebook account.


5. David Sousa

David recreates old medieval bindings. If you wanted to see how they were made, here is a good chance. However, some of the photos are friends only.


I like how diverse and international the bookbinding community is. People listed above live on different continents and speak different languages. However, they all have something similar.

If you have anything to add to the list, just share your opinion in the comments section below.

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