5 Beautiful Bookbinding-Themed Facebook Accounts to Follow This January

Previous issue was a real blast a month ago. Today at iBookBinding you will find five more Facebook accounts regularly updated with bookbinding related stuff.

1. Sol Rebora

A wonderful bookbinder from Argentina, she has recently won the first prize for the set book at the OPEN * SET competition by the American Academy of Bookbinding.

You will find lots of photos of fine bindings at her Facebook account, along with workshop photos, announcements and other things.


2. Zigor Anguiano Calzada

Award-wining bookbinder from Spain has a bit more of non-bookbinding posts in his Facebook feed. In case you don’t like that, you can follow his professional page. He also is a calligraphy teacher.

In 2015 we posted a short interview with him after he was awarded a third prize at the Premio a las Mejores Encuadernaciones Artísticas (an award presented for the best artistic binding by the government of Spain).

He has also been just awarded a prize from the American Academy of Bookbinding (for the open book at the OPEN * SET competition).



3. Company 314

That’s a nice Facebook page of an Arts & Crafts Store in Lapinkylä, Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland. Here you can find multiple collections of links to tutorials and other useful stuff. One of the most educating entrants of the list.


4. TeoStudio

Teodora Poiata is a bookbinder from Bucharest (Romania), who currently resides and works in Évora (Portugal). She has a wonderful Etsy store and her professional Facebook page is filled with beautiful photos. Books, workshop, bookbinding processes and book elements — you will find all that stuff posted here on a regular basis.


5. Monica Langwe

Monica is a bookbinder and bookbinding teacher from Sweden. Sometimes she also holds workshops in different countries. Here you will find photos of books and book elements, photos from classes and exhibitions — a very inspiring feed!


If you have anything to add to the list, please share your opinion in the comments section below.

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