Doodles of NKVD Investigators

It is estimated that during the peak of the Great Purge in the USSR, some 680,000 to 1,200,000 people were killed by NKVD. An average investigator in Moscow had some 30-40 political cases per month. And sometimes they were bored.

Definitely, doodling on the margins of case documents was a way to cope with boredom that resulted in lesser distress for the person under investigation compared to other things that happened there. And sometimes they doodled.

Case П-6372

Pyotr Andreevich Zhivin was arrested in 1938. Acquitted in 1940, after spending two years in prison.

Case П-3515

Peasant Methodiy Borisovich Scherbakov was dispossessed (dekulakized) in 1928 and exiled. Arrested again in 1932, case retried.

Case П-8952

Case of ‘Glavryba.’ Several suspects were investigated under this case. One of them, Ivan Gerasimovich Torgulov, sentenced to 8 years in a forced labor camp.

Source: post by Sergey Bondarenko on,

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