Bookbinding as an NFT? Discussion with Richard Minsky [iBB Podcast #25.2]

We just uploaded the second part of our talk with Richard Minsky. There are many interesting stories told there. Richard describes some of his first bookbinding and artistic projects there. But what is something that isn’t discussed among the bookbinders and book artists a lot, is NFTs and how bookbindings (and other material objects) can relate to the non-fungible tokens.

In the third part of our talk, we discuss even more bindings and Richard takes us for a tour of his studio. Stay tuned! 😊

In the other two parts, Richard talks and shows more of his bindings, digital world, politics, history, and takes us for a tour of his studio. Stay tuned, they will be published in the upcoming weeks! You can find the videos here:

In the preview, you can see Richard’s binding of It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. You can read more about it here:



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00:00 – Beginning
00:21 – Richard’s mid-seventies art
01:33 – First book that Richard sold to an art dealer in 1971: bookbinding version of an abstract expressionism
02:09 – “Pettigrew’s history of Egyptian Mummies” bound by Richard Minsky with linen, 1973: first “Material meets metaphor” work
03:48 – The story about Richard’s book “The Birds of North America” with pheasant skin and Nigerian goatskin
15:28 – Second Life universe; working in an artificial virtual environment; interests towards computers, Internet, and related technologies
22:26 – “The ArtWorld Market” – Richard’s avatar in the Second Life universe
25:25 – Second Life nowadays; the presence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) there
33:54 – How bookbindings can become NFTs: Richard’s tokens
41:13 – “Minsky in bed” PDF-book as NFT
46:55 – Is it difficult to enter the NFT market?
48:05 – Ways to connect with artists who make the NFTs

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