The Advertiser’s Handbook (1923)

While it isn’t really a book about book arts, it gives some insights on printing and typography. And even while that’s printing and typography of newspapers, it is still a quite fascinating object of book history.

From the preface:

THIS Handbook is republished with the idea of its being kept for reference on two subjects:
How and where to advertise a given product; and what mechanical processes are used in the produc­tion of the printed advertisement.

The various hints and suggestions in the Handbook are offered with the purpose of assisting advertisers to obtain better value for their money in the selection and use of advertising media. If, to any individual reader, some of them seem too elementary to have been set down, they will be excused or the ground of their possible usefulness to some colleague of smaller experience.

Five previous editions have been issued, and it is at the request of many Advertisers, Advertising Agents, Advertising Managers, and their respective staffs that the present edition has been brought up to date, showing the latest types, display rules, and borders at their disposal.

This is the sixth edition published in 1923 by Associated Newspapers, Ltd., Carmelite House, London. 68 pp., with multiple illustrations including types and borders samples.

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See some sample pages below:

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