Basic Lying Press #1 for Bookbinding

A cheaper version of the press I use at my bookbinding classes. It is made from plywood and is available in dark or light finishing. All surfaces are treated with linseed oil and beeswax, and sanded to gain a silky smooth finish.

Handles are used mainly for carrying the press. Pressure is applied by turning the nuts.
You can pick one of the three handle options:
– Plain steel nuts handles
– Steel core handles wrapped in rope
– Steel core handles wrapped in leather

This press is made with boards without bevels on top.

Two additional nuts are put for the balance to allow the press to stand and not to topple. You can apply even more pressure turning the nuts with pliers.

For this press I use metal rods instead of traditional wood threaded rods. This allows to reduce the price considerably.

I, personally, prefer presses with metal rods because they allow you to apply more pressure if needed. A press with metal rods is also more durable — there would be no chipping as with a wood rod.

– Jaw height: 15 cm (5 7/8")
– Jaw thickness: 2 cm (3/4")
– Between the rods: ~35 cm (13 3/4")
– Opening size: 10 cm (4")
– Length: 50 cm (19 1/2")
– Rods: M16 (5/8")
– Weight: 3 kg (6lb 10oz)

Customization is available!

All measurements are made in cm and sizes in inches are approximate.

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