Big Changes are Coming for iBookBinding. We are Moving to Amsterdam!

Many of you know that iBookBinding is mainly a one-person venture. So, some changes are coming in my life that would affect iBookBinding quite a lot. My wife works for a large multi-national company, and she is being relocated to Amsterdam this February. I’m closing my workshop in Moscow and plan to start working full time on iBookBinding and its Etsy store right after we move to our new home.

This is quite scary. For both of us, because that’s the first time we’ll be working abroad. More for Sofya, I suppose, because her transition comes with lots of additional responsibilities. However, I would also have to change my life a lot to make myself work on the iBookBinding project as a full-time job.

I had my own business a decade ago. My company produced sold board games. But it was entirely different because I had employees and had no other option but to work hard. This time I’m on my own. Without an office and would have to find some working pattern that would allow not to ditch the work =)

I have lots of ideas that were waiting to be implemented for quite a long time. From some additional section of the website to launching eLearning courses on bookbinding. Etsy store also needs more attention: there are lots of jigs and tools I’ve been planning to add there.

I also hope this transition would allow me to launch joint projects with some of the colleagues in Western Europe.

My workshop in Moscow will be closed by the end of January. This means that I will not be selling some of the tools for an undetermined period. Everything that demands the use of power tools (bookbinding presses, sewing frames, etc.) will have to wait until the moment I find a new place for my workshop in Amsterdam or at least join woodworking co-working or something.

3d-printers are easier to be relocated and set up at a new location, so all the 3d-printed jigs (there will be more of them listed by the end of January) should be sold as usual, with almost no delay.

There are still some uncertainties on exact dates and stuff, because now it is Christmas time in Europe, and all involved in the process don’t care working fast. Next, there will be a 9-day holiday in Russia starting 1st of January. That also may delay the process.

Wish us luck, and I’m sure iBookBinding will become much more interesting after we settle in our new home =)

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