Bookbinding Workshops / Classes in Italy (2016)

2016.03.04 - Bookbinding Workshops  Classes in Italy (2016)

Find below a list of bookbinding courses and workshops in Italy. All courses listed are available to the public, some are day courses, others are multi-day courses and some are full time. With just a rare exception all the courses are taught in Italian.

If you know of any other bookbinding-related or book arts workshops and courses (paper making, marbling, conservation etc.), please leave some information in the comments section below. Thank you =)

Liguria | Lombardia | Piemonte | Sicily | Treviso



Marta Wrubl

Bookbinding and decoreated paper workshops
November 7-8, 2015; November 21, 2015; February 27, 2016; March 19, 2016



Centro di Cultura Giapponese Milano

Watoji presentation course (Presentazione corso watoji — legatoria)
Sunday, October 18, 2015 10:30

Professione Libro
email: [email protected]
phone: +39 02 39445640

Via Angelo Del Bon, 1 -20158 MILANO

Legatoria e restauro del libro (960 Euro)

22 ottobre 2015 – 9 giugno 2016



Print Club Torino
email: [email protected]

Longstitch Binding Workshop

Saturday 14 November 2015 10:00 — 17:00



Bookbinding in Sicily – Casa Khalesa (Studio of Judith Weisner)

Beginning Bookbinding (instructor Edel Hopkin)
April 18 – 22, 2016

Bookbinding in Sicily outline (PDF)

May 2016 and October 2016 (exact dates to be confirmed)

Techniques of Islamic Binding
12th Century English Limp Tawed Skin Binding
Recreating an Early Gothic Book Structure
Romanesque Book Structure circa 1100-1250
‘Mudejar’ Binding from Christian Spain 14th-16th Centuries
Ethiopean Codex Binding
Byzantium Headbands



Tipoteca Italiana
phone: 0423 86338

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