Kate Holland: Workshop Tour [iBB Podcast #27.2]

In the second part of our talk with Kate Holland, we discussed education for bookbinders and the influence of art and craft on the economy. But most of the time we spend going around Kate’s workshop and discussing tools, materials, and techniques.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:30 – Is there a chance for the appearance of long-term bookbinding education programs?
05:50 – The influence of the Arts on the economy
07:32 – Therapeutic side and the mental health aspect of the Arts and Crafts
11:21 – West Dean College of Arts and Conservation
15:13 – Bookbinding courses for kids
20:24 – Workshop tour
28:46 – The prototype of the book’s display case and the miniature of “A Beetle Assembly” by Jenny Whittle, bound by Kate Holland
30:52 – Continuation of the tour around the studio: more books, tools, etc.
35:18 – Lesson to the young bookbinders: “Don’t use a press like this”
37:39 – Dyeing leather
41:16 – Philip Smith’s old hand guillotine
41:43 – More materials and gadgets
49:15 – “Make your workshop as big as you can.”
50:59 – Musings about “the Zoom-skill” nowadays

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