Book Sculptures, Type Sculptures – Is It OK? [iBB Live #16]

A set of photos I’ve made at a flea market in Paris initiated a heated discussion. And no, not the photo from the preview. That’s the work of Guy Laramée. What I found, was an object made with old wooden type and metal printing cliches. I even bought one because I like the idea. I liked it much more than any other samples of art made with similar elements that I’ve seen before.

The most upset were the people who are working with printing presses. Not all of them, though. But some offered very harsh comments that in my opinion went overboard.

And that’s the main theme for the discussion during our next live stream! Besides that, as usual, we are talking about exhibitions. bookish objects, there is some news, and maybe something else.

Join us at 17:00 CET (11 AM EST). This isn’t a regularly scheduled live stream, so we are not switching time this Wednesday and we are going live during the European evening so that our viewers from the Americas can join us.

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