2015 for iBookBinding — A Year of Changes

That was a good but rather complicated year for both iBookBinding.com and myself. Here are some of the important events for the website:

  • This spring Paul have published the PDF Bookbinding Collection. The Collection continues to attract bookbinders from all over the world and I often receive thanks from buyers.
  • Several popular tutorial lists were published. The first collection of Coptic binding tutorials was created earlier. But starting with Top 15 Japanese Stab Binding Tutorials we had 5 tutorial collections posted this year (check the full list below).
  • In the middle of summer, iBookBinding.com was sold to a new owner (that’s me =)). As a result, website and its Facebook page became a bit more active.
  • In August, our first posts in Russian went online. A month later, first translations to Portuguese appeared on the web site. Next year I plan to introduce Spanish and maybe some other languages. If you want to write a guest post in any of these languages (including English), I’d be glad to receive a message from you!
  • We had our first guest posts this autumn. One post was even translated to Portuguese =)

iBookBinding transition was happening right at the moment when exchange rate started rising from 55 Rubles per USD to almost 70. That was a really exciting time. Unfortunately, international politics and oil prices affect you even when your business is book binding =)

This year I have continued my bookbinding workshops in Moscow and tried to put to use everything I have learned at the American Academy of Bookbinding this summer. I’m not sure if my plan to return there in 2016 is real with my Ruble income amounting to half the sum in US Dollars or Euro as it was some 15 months ago. But we’ll see =)

Our Bookbinding Tutorial Lists

Guest Posts

Popular Posts in Portuguese

Bookbinding World

This year was marked by the continued rise of sales of paper books (at least in the US). Used book shops are also coming back. This should give a new hope to all bookbinders =)

The world of fine binding received a new competition this year. OPEN • SET triennial bookbinding contest is launched by the American Academy of Bookbinding and you still have some time to apply.

I really hope you like the new iBookBinding.com. I’d be glad to receive any feedback from you. We have lots of plans and ideas how to make our web site better, and your opinion is really important to us.

Have a great year! =)

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