Astonishing Pop-Up Books Chosen as Finalists of the Meggendorfer Artist Book Prize in 2018

Pop-up books are something that makes my mind spin. I never tried making one, and even while I understand some of the underlying three-dimensional geometry, I still can’t stop holding breath when seeing some new examples of the craft.

Here is a video presentation of pop-up books chosen as finalists of the Meggendorfer Artist Book Prize in 2018:

Unfortunately, the video is not of the best quality, so not all of the details are visible. Below I will add separate videos uploaded by some of the artists to their own channels:

Nicolas Codron


Nicholas Danish

Detroit Nostalgia: A Pop-Up Book of Memories

Colette Fu

桃花源記 Tao Hua Yuan Ji: Source of the Peach Blossoms

Andrea Hempstead

Stickly-Prickly and Slow-Solid: A Pop-Up Adventure

The Foliage Library (Matthew Holbein & Emily Brooks)

“24 Hour Flowers” and “The Bee Book”

Anne Kucera

The Gatekeepers

Emily Martin

King Leer: A Tragedy in Five Puppets

Elizabeth O’Connell

The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox

Channels of the artists mentioned му are worth following, even while there are not many videos posted there. Who knows, maybe they will make some new enchanting books soon!

The channel hosting the compilation video belongs to Shawn Sheehy, he is the Board Director of the Movable Book Society, organizer of the prize. On his channel, you will also find several video presentations of his own pop-up books. His website is also worth visiting.

You will find additional information about the Prize here.

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