Bad Service

I have to confess to a strange experience that happened to me lately. I’ve been making a portfolio folder for a new client recently. Everything was fine. Folder was covered with bookbinding cloth and a layer of paper over the cloth.

Several days after delivery of the portfolio, I’ve received a photo from the client and a comment that the surface of the folder have become warped.

Now, that was a surprise.

In ten years of my bookbinding experience that would be a third occasion when there were some problems with my work. I still meet some of my clients and most of them continue to use the books, folders and boxes I have made over the years.

One of my errors (the first one), was a real mess up. I shouldn’t have returned the book to the client in that condition. Not surprisingly, that person have never returned to me with an order. The only thing that comforts me is that the memory is with me every time I work on a new project.

Back on topic =)

I had to drive to the photo lab where the portfolio was waiting for me. My client had to forward the folder with photos inside to his client the next day, so the repairs should have been made pretty fast. It seemed that the paper didn’t stick to the bookbinding cloth well.

Luckily, the warped area was really small, and the problem was minor one. I was able to fix it in no time. However, that’s a special feeling of horror, when your client tells you there is something wrong with your work =)

I wouldn’t ask you to share your bad experience — I’m not sure everyone would be happy to discuss their errors online. However, if you are willing to comment, that would be really nice.

PS As one of my teachers have told: a bookbinder is only as good as well he can fix his own errors. I’m still learning to be a good bookbinder =)

PPS Here is the folder:

And that’s another one, I had to make as a mock up:

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