Getting Cold Feet Before Every Bookbinding Class

This happens again and again. Time after time. Every evening before a new class, I’m feeling a great anxiety about what will happen tomorrow. Even while I’m absolutely sure what to show my new students, and historically 99% of students are happy with the results, I’m really worried and nervous.

One of the last classes wasn’t better. Even worse – we had a huge reconstruction right in front of our apartment building, and there was absolutely no chance to park a car near the entrance to the building. I had to drag all my stuff (like 60 kilograms of stuff) a hundred meters to the place where the car was parked.

To add an insult to the injury, this was the first time in a while, I had to teach a class not at my own studio, but at some other location. At my place everything is on hand. There’s plenty of supplies. When I’m teaching elsewhere, I always tend to bring lots of extra materials and tools.

This time I had a group of ten students and a two-day class. Totaling in ten hours. It worked out perfectly. I’d say that was one of my best groups ever.

My personal experience shows that larger the group, longer it takes to teach the same course. While 6 hours would be enough for 5 students, you’ll need 10 hours when you have a group of 8 or 10 (and my repeating nightmare is a group of 14 I had to teach two years ago!). This time we were going ahead of schedule on both days. Almost everyone had good or even perfect results with their first book, and everyone was happy.

Once again, my worries were groundless. But I’m sure I will have the same feeling while preparing for my next class =)

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