Profound Connection with Nature of Ingeir Djuvik’s Design Bindings

When I friended Ingeir Djuvik early in 2016, I didn’t know what an inspiring treasure I found. He hasn’t stopped to amaze me with his bindings since. And at the end of this August, he received a prize from the British Society of Bookbinders.

You may have seen one of his latest bindings in our recent post with a list of all of the nominees. However, we wanted to dedicate some more time to this Norwegian bookbinder and his works.

Ingeir isn’t a professional bookbinder. He has a solid background in arts, as he is an educator at a design college. He teaches graphic design, drawing, color, comics – all the things related to arts. However, his passion is design bindings.

When we talked with him recently, he told me quite dismissively of himself that he “made only about 15 design bindings so far.” Well, I made how many? Three? Four?

His binding triplet of Walden – livet i skogene by Henry D. Thoreau was probably the project that made me wait for every Ingeir’s next work.

Besides this brotherhood of northern peoples, as he’s Norwegian and I’m a Russian with some Scandinavian roots, it appears that we have at least one more connection. Ingeir is quite fond of Russian literature. Especially of Gogol and Chekhov. You can see that in his bindings as well.

But what inspires me the most is that feeling of a deep connection with nature that is broadcasted by his art.

There are just too many photos to post every one of them separately, so I hope you will enjoy this large gallery:

You can find Ingeir Djuvik on Facebook. To see even more photos of his bindings and have a better guess from where he probably takes his inspiration you can check his photo feed.

Please also read about him and other winners of this year’s SoB competition here.

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