Bookbinding Posts You Shouldn’t Have Missed in January

We’ve decided to pick some of the posts published by different bloggers and institutions in January 2017 that may be of interest  to you. You will find not only strictly bookbinding topics covered here, but also book arts, book history and book conservation.

If you like the idea we may return to you with something similar next month. Posts are listed in the order of publication.

Have something to add? Just leave the links in the comments below!

Best of 2016 by Erin Fletcher

Erin has a beautiful blog and it is worth checking the list of her favorite posts from 2016.

A printer and his devices by Bookish Things to think about

Read the story of a German printer Moritz Georgius Weidmann and check some of his illuminated capitals.

Quick Pic: Meaningful Stains by Henry Hebert at Preservation Underground

“This Amsterdam Haggadah from 1695 was repaired several times and it is clear that was used at many Passover meals from the extensive staining from food or wine at specific page openings.”

The Psychomachia: An Early Medieval Comic Book by Medieval Manuscripts Blog

“What do Captain America, Wonder Woman and a 10th-century Anglo-Saxon manuscript have in common? The answer may be more surprising than you think.”

A Busy End to 2016 and a Busy Start to 2017 by Mark Cockram and Studio 5 Book Arts

Lots of photos (and comments) from Mark Cockram.

‘William French is a Damned Bragging, Lying B****’: Book Use and Marginal Contentions in Eighteenth-Century St. Andrews, Part One by Echoes from the Vault

“One of the first announcements that a keen student would encounter when opening the university’s valuable quarto copy of Joseph Addison’s Works: ‘William French is a damned bragging, lying b****.  He says he has shot all kinds of Fowls in this Country & he cannot shoot a bit, & when misses he says the gun does not shoot straigt.  Bragging Sinner’.  sPR3300.D21, Vol. 1, p. 6.”

Cradle Boxing Day by by Henry Hebert at Preservation Underground

Almost a tutorial on making a cradle box (following Jeff Peachey’s design)

“One binding, however, has recently caught our eyes. It contains a glossed copy of Genesis from Rievaulx Abbey (Add MS 63077), made in the 2nd half of the 12th century. And it stands out because it is covered in… fur.”

Bookmarking Book Art – Jacqueline Rush Lee, updated (2017) by Books On Books

Just check this out =)

Images from Zaehnsdorf’s “A Short History of Bookbinding” by Jeff Peachey

Jeff shares some of the images from Zaehnsdorf’s “A Short History of Bookbinding” that depict different bookbinding processes. You can find the images below, but you should also visit Jeff’s web site for comments and some additional info.

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