Between the Covers: Altered Books in Contemporary Art

We have already wrote about artists interested in the afterlife of books. They cut through the pages searching for the hidden images and new forms. Now you can compare different approaches from a score of creators: on the 5th of February a new exhibition opens at the Everhart Museum in Scranton (PA, USA).

Every artist has something special to offer. They use different techniques and instruments to create a new object from an old (probably boring and ordinary) book. They fold and drill, they carve, rip and shred pages and covers, they even burn the books.

It may sound like a blasphemy for a bookbinder, to damage a book like that. But there are many beautiful and astonishing examples among the works of participants of the Between the Covers: Altered Books in Contemporary Art exhibition.

Dates: February 5 – June 6, 2016

Artists: Noriko Ambe, Maria Anasazi, Doug Beube, Caryl Burtner, Long-Bin Chen, Byron Clercx, Brent Crothers, Brian Dettmer, Jessica Drenk, Shiela Hale, Lisa Hill, Jeffrey Kent, John Kirchner, Lisa Kokin, Carole P. Kunstadt, Guy Laramée, Susan Lenz, Corwin Levi, So Yoon Lym, Scott McCarney, Pamela Paulsrud, Buzz Spector, Robert The, Maika’i Tubbs

Address: 1901 Mulberry Street. Scranton, PA 18510-2390. Phone: 570.346.7186

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