Award-Winning Binding, Gold Tooling, and Graphite Edges – Andreas Maroulis [iBB Podcast #22]

We invited Andreas Maroulis, a Greek bookbinder currently living in the UK. Andreas won an award at the Designer Bookbinders Competition recently with his binding “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. In this episode of our podcast, we discuss the binding, the creative process Andreas follows, and some other things like gold tooling and edge decoration.



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00:00 – Beginning
01:02 – Gold tooling prize
02:26 – Richly tooled books vs. books with minimalistic tooling
04:24 – Feedback from other members of the Society
06:11 – Creative process and design of the binding
07:17 – Graphite edges with decoration
08:39 – Gold tooling on the turn-ins
09:48 – More technical details
13:45 – How the story influenced the design
23:23 – Finding new uses for gold in bookbinding
32:08 – Graphite and maybe graphene? All sorts of edge decoration
35:17 – A comment on sanding book edges
37:57 – Design sketches and tests
43:35 – Constraints of deadlines

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