Award-Winning Bindings of Richard Beadsmoore [Bookish Talk #18]

Designer Bookbinders has a competition for their UK-based members. This year, Richard Beadsmoore was among the competition winners, taking three prizes with his two bindings. In this video, we discuss these bindings. Richard talks about his creative process and describes how was is to start making books only after his retirement from his day job.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:55 – Designer Bookbinders UK Awards 2021 and Richard’s three prizes
01:58 – Where the inspiration for the cover for Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck comes from
05:30 – Discussing Richard’s designing process
06:28 – Maquette of the book
06:53 – Plans for the final version of the book and the dummies
07:40 – What being a licentiate of the Designer Bookbinders means and what do they do?
12:19 – Is bookbinding a hobby or a profession for Richard?
14:24 – Richard’s workshop
15:31 – London Craft Week
16:27 – Teaching bookbinding
16:49 – The second book: Hokusai by David Burnett, Incline Press, 1996
18:13 – Making a maquette and searching for appropriate materials
20:34 – Getting feedback about the prize
21:53 – Are any of Richard’s bindings available to see in public collections?
22:40 – Richard’s training and path to becoming an award-winning bookbinder
23:27 – How many designer bindings Richard has already made?
25:59 – Making books while having a background in drama

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