iBookBinding 2.0

Two years ago I decided to start a website dedicated to bookbinding, it was an enjoyable journey but as the days went by I found myself having less and less time to add new posts and maintain the site, this was especially true the past few months where I’ve found myself becoming more absorbed in other projects and so I decided it might be time to start looking for a new owner…

…And so a week or two ago I put the website up for sale with the intention that I was going to find a buyer who not only has a passion for bookbinding but also competent enough to run the website and maintain its high standard, and after a LOT of interest I am proud to announce that I have found someone who I consider to be perfect to continue to success of iBookBinding into the future — I introduce to you the new owner, Stepan Chizhov, a bookbinder and bookbinding tutor from Russia.

Stepan has been a bookbinder for many years and has a vast amount of knowledge on bookbinding, which he plans to share with the community.

Here are a few words from Stepan about his past and his future plans for the website…

Hi! It is a responsible mission and a great opportunity to continue the work Paul have done over the past two years. I have many extension plans, however I will start with small steps and my first intention is to make the publishing process once again.

I have started working with books more than nine years ago. This summer I have spent three weeks with American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado. I also have some experience in publishing, journalism and programming. Hope all these skills will help me to continue developing iBookBinding.

I hope to find collaborators and guest authors to endeavor areas of fine bindings and bookbinding as a hobby (if that is you comment below and we make sure to find some options). One of my first tasks would be to not only continue posting in English, but to start translation of iBookBinding into Russian and maybe some other languages.

We will return to the discussion of some other development plans over the next weeks and months. At the same time, I would be happy to get some insights on what new things are worth doing here

I would like to give my respect to Paul and his great job, and hope to see him as an iBookBinding author in the future.

Stay tuned! =)

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Please take time to welcome Stepan to the site using the comments section below; he would love to hear from you.

I would like to welcome Stepan into the community and thank all those who have helped me to build the site into the resource it is today, without your support and kind words the website wouldn’t be half of what it is now. I have no doubt that Stepan will continue the site’s success well into the future and build it into a bigger and better resource for all.

Thanks to everybody for their support. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that you continue your bookbinding adventures!

Paul 🙂


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