iBookBinding is Looking for a Contributor

These days I will be celebrating three years since I have bought iBookBinding.com. This was an awesome journey for me, and, I hope, for you too. I’m constantly in search for inspiration and ways to better serve the readers and followers of the blog. However, sometimes it is tough to keep all the things done in a timely manner. Especially since my wife and I have moved to the Netherlands, and there are still things I need to do due to our migration.

That’s why I’m looking for one or two contributors, who are willing to write posts on a monthly basis. Initially, that would be only one post per author per month. Later? I hope that iBookBinding may turn into an outlet with a vibrant and frequently updated feed one day.

The other thing I’m concerned about is that due to my current involvement with iBookBinding shop, I tend to write more about these 3d-printed bookbinding tools and jigs I’m designing all the time. While it may be interesting to some people besides me, it would be better to bring some diversity of opinions and points of view to iBookBinding.com

Main topics to cover would be applied bookbinding (including tutorials) and book arts/history.

If you are interested, please send me an email at [email protected] or PM me on Facebook. Please also send some links to your previous posts/articles, if you have any available online.

Here are some more details:

  • An average post should be about 6000 characters (not less than 5000), something like 1000 words
  • For the foreseeable future, the schedule would be one post per month (you can do less, but we will need to find more authors in that case)
  • Images/photos should be yours or shared under Creative Commons license allowing for commercial use
  • There should be at least one image per post provided by the author; other images may be sourced by iBookBinding
  • Candidate should have experience in English writing
  • Candidate should have experience with book-related arts and/or crafts

All this doesn’t mean I’m stopping to write for iBookBinding myself. On the contrary, I hope to start contributing more. There are so many things to share, and it is just sometimes hard to prepare posts on a regular basis. This new thing should allow for the editorial schedule to be more consistent. Both for the benefit of the readers and the website.

Please share if you know someone who may be interested. And even if you do not know anybody, who may be interested =)

Additional details will be provided personally.

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