iBookBinding Reaches a New Goal on Patreon!

Great news, everyone! Yesterday we achieved a new goal thanks to all of our patrons on Patreon! Total monthly pledges have reached the level of $150 per month, which means that iBookBinding is now AdSense free!

From now on, there will be only some affiliated links to Amazon and our Etsy shop remaining on our website. All other ads were switched off for good.

Our next goal is to reach the level of $300 pledged per month. After reaching that level, we will be able to digitize at least three books about book arts per month and to share them with our patrons (at the current moment, it’s two books per month.)

However, for the second month in a row, we are not charging our patrons’ cards as we decided to pause all payments while the world is in distress. Moreover, our collection that was previously shared only with our patrons is available for reading for everyone. The collection includes dozens of books dedicated to bookbinding and other bookish arts and crafts. We plan to keep things this way, at least until September!

Of course, you still can become our patron on Patreon, and we will much appreciate your support. You will be charged once when you join, but all the future payment will be paused until we decide to remove the freeze.

Meanwhile, to access the books, you can browse our feed on Issuu.

Please Support us on Patreon!

The minimum level of contribution is only $1 per month. Pledges received from our patrons cover the editing services for our bookish podcast!

Moreover, starting with the pledge level of $3, you will get a digitized vintage book about bookbinding, book history, or book arts each month from us!

These pledges help iBookBinding to continue its work and bring more information about bookbinding and book arts to you!