Making Bookbiding Tools In My New Woodworking Workshop

I’ve took my time before posting something new at There are lots of topics I would like to cover, but April is traditionally a busy month for me and the first days of May I’ve spent organizing my small woodworking workshop. For a long time, I wanted to make different bookbinding tools and now it is becoming a reality.

I have already had some experience with making bookbinding presses before. I even sold a few of them last year and have several orders now. I really want to try making some smaller devices like hole punching cradles, but the first thing I’ve made in my new workshop were spine rounding forms. I had a couple of orders at my Etsy shop and that helped me to make a decision what to start with =)

Rounding tool with seven grooves:

Four-sided rounding tool:

Different Bakelite folders is the other project for my new workshop. I have already wrote about my first experience and now I want to make more different types.

At the same moment several plywood boards await their time to be made into simple presses. These are not designed for high pressure. Still, they could be used as finishing presses.

Boards are beveled at one side. Four of them have full length bevel, two other have bevel only in the middle, where the book should be positioned. Usually you can see a sharp edge at two ends of bevel on the finishing press. However, I have decided to make it like you can see it on the photos. Don’t think that would mess up the binding process =)

The final stage is only to make holes in boards and put the steel screws in place.

Have you ever made bookbinding tools yourself? What would you recommend me to do next time? =)


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