Nice Catch at the Book Market in the Hague

This week I found several beautiful books, but these two are not only interesting to browse through, even while I don’t read Dutch. They have quite impressive covers (and other elements), I wanted to share with you.

The first one is ‘Het boek in onze dagen’ – ‘The Book in Our Days’ (1892) by Rimmer van der Meulen. It’s about printing and lithography. With multiple illustrations made in techniques of lithography, chromolithography, typogravure, etc.. But look at the cover!



The second is ‘Over de Liefhebberij voor boeken’ (that may be translated as ‘On the Bibliophilia’ or ‘On the Love of Books,’ I guess) by the same author. It was published in 1896, and I’ve got the first edition with its notable wood veneer cover boards and marvelous endpapers. It is well illustrated as well — check the fold on one of the attached images.

It is a continuation of the work started in the first book. The author delves deeper in the book history, matters of book collecting and libraries.

I like how the chapter about England starts: “Engeland is het eldorado der bibliophilen en bibliomanen…” I guess no translation is needed.

Both books have substantial advertisement sections (62 and 80 pages correspondingly), which are quite a dive into the epoch as well.

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