From Onmia Libris in Reply to iBookBinding’s Request

Several days ago iBookBinding have posted a message from Haein Song, a bookbinder from London, UK, about her experience dealing with Omnia Libris. At that moment Omnia Libris didn’t respond to our inquiry. However, yesterday they’ve sent the following message:

Dear Stepan,

Thank you for the message and for giving us the opportunity to comment. For more than a year now, we are cooperating with the Greek department of cybercrime and Europol, and there is no evidence or official document so far, that this customer has ever paid an amount to us first of all, or another person. There is no official document from her bank. From our side we have evidence to prove that the amount has never been deposited to our account and strong proves that our mail account was hacked and not to our control. Unfortunately, she didn’t ask help from the local police or Europol. We have been strictly advised by the police not to take any action and ignore the threats and extortion, as she is under investigation at they are watching all her actions. The police is not sure yet that she is not involved with the hacker. We are still waiting information from Europol to proceed in any action.

I have to inform you that we could not take any action to jeopardize our company. We are the oldest and most famous company in Greece selling and distributing bookbinding tools and materials. We are also agents of the biggest factories of Europe and USA for over 20 years, like Scholco Van Heek – Holland, Haupt- Germany, Guarro Casas – Spain, Eco Fibers from the USA and more and our reputation is excellent.



As it was stated before, iBookBinding is willing to get both sides to explain their position.

I, personally, hope that the crisis would be solved to satisfaction of the both sides. However, it seems to me a bit strange that while Omnia Libris gives its credentials of a respected supplier that has business with different factories all over the world, they, at the same time, question Haein Song, a known member of bookbinding community, and almost accuse her of a fraud.


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