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Supporters of the iBookBinding would get not only my appreciation, there would be special content published at the Patreon page. There also are some special rewards for my students in Moscow. However, I don’t think that would interest visitors from other countries =)

Even the smallest pledges ($1) are highly appreciated! And it is super easy to make the payment (PayPal and credit cards accepted)! =)

There are 9 goals set at the moment. Every reached goal would mark next step in further development of

  1. The PDF Bookbinding Collection (105 Books | 19,000+ Pages of information | 1.23 GB) would be shared for free from the moment we hit $250!
  2. I’ll be making an educational video about bookbinding every week when I hit $500 per month.
  3. At $750 per month, would be updated daily and an e-learning course would be published every month.
  4. When we hit $1000 per month, would become banner-free. No more annoying advertisements. (Okay, maybe a sponsored post or two. But no banners!)
  5. At $1250 per month, will become bilingual. We have already tried to kick start a Portuguese version of the blog, however, the moment was wrong and the budget was not enough.
  6. Earning $1500 per month would allow me to dedicate all my time to That means more posts, more educational materials and more fun! =)
  7. Reaching $1750 per month would mean there is a room for a programmer to take care of our WordPress engine. That’s really important because I have lots of plans of improvement of and adding lots of fine features to the web site.
  8. You are gold! At $2000 per month, it would be possible to employ an additional author at the blog. This means more fun and educational content! =)
  9. $2250 per month. A third language! Spanish, I suppose, according to our demographics. We would discuss that matter. For sure.

There are plenty of pledge tiers to choose from. Starting with $1 an going up and up =)

Some of the tiers offer special rewards that are created specially for my students here in Moscow. However, there are lots of others, which should appeal to all other readers and fans of

Thank you for your support!

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Please Support us on Patreon!

The minimum level of contribution is only $1 per month. Pledges received from our patrons cover the editing services for our bookish podcast!

Moreover, starting with the pledge level of $3, you will get a digitized vintage book about bookbinding, book history, or book arts each month from us!

These pledges help iBookBinding to continue its work and bring more information about bookbinding and book arts to you!