Spooky Bookish Things for Halloween

This is the spookiest time of the year, and we have some scary bookish things to share with you! Well, some of them are more fun than spooky, but that’s probably the main idea of all this pandemonium.

iBookBinding Jack-o’-Lantern

Here is our project from the last year. Not very bookish, but we wanted to include it anyway. That’s an iBookBinding jack-o’-lantern:

You’ll find a detailed report on how we made it here: ibookbinding.com/blog/halloween-at-ibookbinding

Spooky Book with and Animatronic Eye

Earlier this year Robert Ontell, a young 3d-printing champion from California, made a spooky book with an animatronic eye! This is an homage to the Spell Book from the Hocus Pocus movie. Here is a video showing the book:

You’ll find more details on the project here: ibookbinding.com/blog/making-a-book-alive-when-book-arts-meet-animatronics

Collection of Victorian Book Covers with Witches

Next, here is a collection of Victorian book covers of books dedicated to witches or Halloween (or both):

Here is the list of these books:

  • The Book of Hallowe’en by Ruth Edna Kelley (1919)
  • The Witch Of The Juniper Walk And Other Fairy Tales by Mrs. Frank May (1895)
  • New England Legends and Folk Lore by Samuel Adams Drake (1901)
  • Beyond the Border by Walter Douglas Campbell (1898)
  • The Witching Hour by Augustus Thomas (1907)
  • Witch-Hill (Pressing Towards the Mark) by Rev. Z.A. Mudge (1871)

Most of these books are available online for free, as they are public domain. It’s worth checking them, as they have some witch-themed illustrations as well.

Many thanks to Natalie Taylorson for gathering this digital collection in the first place!

What’s the Emergency Response to a Zombie Outbreak?

Every museum and every organization has an emergency response plan. But what’s the plan for a zombie outbreak? Here is a post from the United States Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC):

Death and Other Things Depicted in Old Books

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto) has a series of posts dedicated to the Danse Macabre and other deathly things:

Here are the three posts: [1], [2], [3]

Perfect Halloween Font. Hellvetica: Kern in Hell

Well, no explanation needed:

See more examples and download the font here: hellveticafont.com

Halloweenish Books

And last, but not least, here are some Halloweenish books from Luthien’s bookbindings:

And here is the lining cutout:

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