Top iBookBinding Posts of 2016

As a part of the year review, I’ve prepared two lists of the the most popular posts at iBookBinding.

The first five are the most visited posts. They were written and published more than a year ago (at least one of them is three years old).

For the second part of the list I’ve chosen only the posts published in 2016. Funny, but the top two of them were just posted recently.

All Time

1. Top 10 Coptic Stitch Binding Tutorials on the Internet

Titles for this and the next posts are pretty self-explanatory =)

2. Top 15 Japanese Stab Binding Tutorials on the Internet

3. Book Binding Tutorial: Glues – Tips, Techniques, Types & Recipes

4. Marbling Tutorials, Equipment & Photo Galleries

You may also want to read a more recent post: Paper Marbling: Turkish Marbling Tips for Beginners

5. The Basics of Bookbinding


1. Enchanting Video From a Lebanese Bookbindery

This a truly beautiful video!

2. The Top 30 Bookbinding, Book History and Conservation Blogs of 2016

This Top 30 list is just posted and already it is almost on the top of the most popular posts of 2016.

3. Quick and Dirty Box Making Jig

My own experience with box making jigs.

4. Rare 18th Century Book Restoration

Just watch that video made by a professional conservator Sherif Afifi.

5. Folding A Sheet Of Paper 7 Times

A video by Hydraulic Press Channel.

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