Umlauts of Berlin

Berlin Typography blog has launched a series of publications about umlauts this summer. They posted the third part just a few days ago. Now the collection may be considered complete (at least for the time being.)

“The word Umlaut does not refer to the two dots above a letter – that particular diacritic is known as a diaeresis – but rather to a linguistic process by which a vowel sound is lengthened or modified so that it comes closer to the sound of a different vowel. The process has been a part of spoken German for centuries, and it has been necessary to represent those distinctive sounds in writing.”

Germany has a longstanding tradition of creating fonts, and umlauts are its important part. Some of the letters in the collection are a bit strange, but other ones are absolutely amazing!

Below you will find the links to all three chapters dedicated to the letters Ü, Ä, and Ö:

Photo by onnola, CC-BY[email protected]/33483112176/