Video: Binding a Huge Anniversary Book

Ten days ago, I have received an order an offer to bind an anniversary book for the upcoming 25th celebration of the beginning of the academic year at the lyceum where I have spent my three last school years.

The project was drafted pretty fast. However, I had to go to Saint Petersburg for a day on Thursday. That left me only until Wednesday to make most of the work (that is, a bit more than three evenings).

I have tried to make the process as simple as it could be. Still, it took 15 hours of work, and 5 more hours of repairs after a couple of after-the-midnight-mistakes, to finish the project.

In the video above, you can see the short version. Everything (with an exception of my errors) compressed in six and a half minutes.

I plan to write a post about my mistakes (I think that’s a subject worth discussing), and about a couple of other things I had to deal with during that project. Maybe next week =)

PS Book is approximately 30 by 40 cm. Pages are made of 150 g/cm2 paper. It is pretty heavy =)

PPS Sewing frame in the video is just one of my presses. I don’t have a frame that would accommodate a 40 cm page =)

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