Architecture, Bookbinding, and Embroidery – Bookish Talk with Hannah Brown

We invited a British bookbinder Hannah Brown to discuss two of her projects. The first one is a binding with architectural motifs she made several years ago. The other is a board she recently made for a Designer Bookbinders’ project.



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00:00​ – Beginning
00:30​ – Architecture and Bookbinding. “Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour, July 13, 1798.”
03:15​ – What’s a board?
05:01​ – From an image to the binding’s design, to making a board for Designer Bookbinders
08:24​ – The use of embroidery in design bindings
09:44​ – What was first for Hannah, embroidery or bookbinding?
10:42​ – Embroidery on leather
11:54​ – Sewing machine for working with leather
13:47​ – Embroidery in the Medieval bookbinding
14:19​ – Other bookbinders who do embroidery on their bindings
15:33​ – Making wooden boxes for bindings
17:45​ – Are there any plans to continue the project in the future?
19:45​ – Is it harder to bind a book in an embroidered leather?
23:14​ – Using polymer threads
24:24​ – Making books that last for centuries
24:58​ – Where is the binding now?

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