Basel Paper Mill Museum – Bookish Talk #6

During this Bookish Talk, we discuss the Basler Papiermühle — a late medieval papermill turned paper, printing, and bookbinding museum. Stepan visited this museum a couple of years ago, so that’s not a very recent experience. Still, it should give a good sense of what it looks and feels like.



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00:00 – Beginning
00:28 – Basler Papiermühle
01:06 – Importance of Basel’s location to the development of book production
02:16 – Entering the museum
02:42 – A couple of words about the process of papermaking
08:01 – Collection of papermaking molds
08:22 – A mold for 3d-watermarks
09:50 – The difference between laid and wove paper
14:39 – Making paper in the museum
16:02 – Toilet paper
17:50 – Preparing paper pulp with fermentation and decomposition
18:56 – Papermaking mold made with a thread mesh instead of wire
19:09 – History of writing
19:30 – Calligraphy
21:30 – Paper marbling
22:11 – Early printing
24:07 – Modern printing
25:39 – Printing illustrations with blocks
28:55 – Offset printing
29:35 – Typewriters
31:38 – Bookbinder’s workshop

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