BINDING re:DEFINED – Teaching Unusual Bookbinding with Lori Sauer – Bookish Talk #15

This time we return to Lori Sauer to discuss her project BINDING re:DEFINED and the importance of teaching and learning different bookbinding approaches and techniques. During this episode, Lori shows many unusual book structures including some structures created by other bookbinding teachers participating in the BINDING re:DEFINED project.

These structures include:

  • Daniel Kelm’s wire edge binding;
  • Kylin Lee Acherman’s split spine book structure;
  • Nadine Werner’s steckalbum.



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00:59 – How it all began
06:15 – Being open to different traditions and approaches
08:14 – The target audience of the BINDING re:DEFINED project
08:50 – A scroll display structure
11:18 – Creating innovative book structures
11:59 – The Pompidou structure
13:22 – The removable case structure
15:53 – Structures that solve a particular problem
16:57 – Doing lots of tests before the structure starts to work properly
17:23 – Sewn board binding with a rounded wooden spine
20:23 – On stab bindings vs. books that open flat
21:29 – BINDING re:DEFINED in the post-Covid era
23:24 – Online classes
25:33 – Daniel Kelm’s wire edge binding
26:22 – Kylin Lee Acherman’s split spine book structure
28:32 – Nadine Werner’s steckalbum
29:10 – Networking in the bookbinders’ world
31:48 – Book arts fairs and lockdowns

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