Bookish Talk With Kate Holland – Bookish Talk #12

We return to Kate Holland to discuss many things related to modern bookbinding. Competitions, the possibility of revival of the craft in the post-covid world, drawing the young generation’s attention to book arts, the gap between the traditional bookbinding and book arts, and much more!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:11 – There is a certain image of bookbinding propagated by the media
01:51 – Having household names in bookbinding would definitely help to change the perception
03:48 – Contemporary issues and bookbinding
05:57 – Kate has a very exciting project for this year, and diamonds are involved
08:29 – Participating in competitions
09:06 – Inviting the new generation of bookbinders to join the competitions
09:54 – Apprenticeship schemes
11:42 – Having a school of bookbinding in the UK
12:54 – Bookbinding being and not being a nearly extinct craft
13:39 – Professional organizations who work on drawing attention to bookbinding. Friction between the worlds of bookbinding and book arts
16:18 – Revival of bookbinding in the post-covid world
20:20 – Can people access and see design bindings in museums and libraries?
23:53 – Finding time for personal projects

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