Design Bindings of the Booker Prize 2021 – Kate Holland [Bookish Talk #24]

For the second part of the series dedicated to the bindings of the 2021 Booker Prize, we invited Kate Holland, to talk about her binding of “The Promise” by Damon Galgut — this year’s winner.

Among other things, we touch upon the subject of using other people’s creative products in your bindings and the matters of respecting the copyright.



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00:00 – Beginning
01:34 – “The Promise” by Damon Galgut, the winner of the 2021 Booker Prize
03:49 – Kate’s binding: connection of the dramatic landscape on the cover with the plot of the book
05:37 – Photographs used inside the doublures made by Gideon Mendel (from his series “The Struggle”)
07:44 – Copyrighting and credits in bookbinding
09:55 – Bookbinding description: a place for credits and useful information that also can be used by feature conservators
11:36 – Hand tooling lightning on the cover with foil
16:08 – Mono printed grass on the cover
17:59 – Hand tooling tree on the cover with matte black foil
19:32 – Hand-colored book edges
20:12 – How long does the process of binding a book for the Booker Prize goes
22:00 – Kate’s experience from several Booker bindings
22:56 – The financial side of the Booker Prize binding
24:03 – The reputation and the honor to do the book bindings for the Booker Prize
25:15 – Can a DB fellow refuse to do a binding for the Booker Prize?
28:01 – Current state of Kate’s work: commissions, teaching, etc.

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