Building Your Career in Bookbinding and Conservation – Jordan Jay Tanner [iBB Podcast #24]

This time on iBookBinding’s podcast we are talking to Jordan Jay Tanner, a young bookbinder and conservator from Kansas City, MO. That’s the first part of our discussion, but we have covered quite a lot here: from Jay’s studies and searching for the best path to build his career, to collecting books about bookbinding and spending too much money on book hunting =)

The second chapter will be available a bit later. Jay takes us for a tour of his garage studio, we talk about tools, and discuss some of Jay’s bindings there. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:58 – Introduction of Jay Tanner
01:58 – Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Printmaking from Kansas City Art Institute
03:00 – Future plans in bookbinding and conservation
03:32 – Book conservators around Kansas City
08:00 – Museums in Kansas City
09:22 – Path to conservation and bookbinding
11:24 – Book collection
12:34 – Cataloging collection of books about bookbinding
15:51 – Digital services and apps for cataloging books
17:53 – Choosing the books for collection
19:30 – The first edition of “The artistic crafts series of technical handbooks: Number 1. Bookbinding” by Douglas Cockerell
20:00 – Another edition of “The artistic crafts series of technical handbooks: Number 1. Bookbinding” by Douglas Cockerell with gold tooling
20:52 – “Technological handbooks. Bookbinding” by J.W. Zaehnsdorf
22:15 – Different editions of “A short history of bookbinding” by J.W. Zaehnsdorf
23:30 – A catalog of books bound by S.T. Prideaux
24:40 – A collection of bindings made by women
26:50 – The Guild of Women-Binders and “The bindings of tomorrow”
31:27 – Top comfortable price to spend on a book and books as an investment
35:39 – Ways of buying books for collection
[36:25 – Most memorable experience at a book market
37:40 – “Paul Revere and his Engraving” by W.L. Andrews
41:29 – Field of interest in bookbinding books collection
42:50 – Restoring Art Nouveau furniture
44:48 – Bookbinding books from all over the world
46:46 – The oldest books about bookbinding
49:14 – “The book of trades and library of the useful arts” with a chapter about bookbinding, 1807
52:20 – The oldest Dutch book about bookbinding
53:40 – Musings about publishing the books of trades according to the guilds’ rules
54:58 – The oldest German book of bookbinding

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