iBB Podcast #12.2 – Ivan Gulkov – Workshop Tour and Show & Tell

The second part of our talk with Ivan is suddenly much shorter compared to our standard episodes. But I’m sure it will be interesting to watch anyway! Our guest shows his tabletop press here and shows many of his prints. Along the way, we discuss the technology and history of printing and even an illegal underground communist publishing house from 1905! Watch the full bookish talk about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQv_l…



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00:16 – Temples Series: samples of printed patterns made print printer’s ornaments
01:18 – Printing on handmade paper
02:54 – Printing ink
05:11 – Tabletop press
05:51 – Aprons
06:29 – Some sample prints
09:06 – What do you do when you have used all of your Cyrillic letters?
09:31 – Comments on the underground printing press from our recent Bookish Talk
13:16 – Ornamental prints designed by Ivan and printed in Moscow
14:03 – Suitcase museum and Dime Museum tickets printed by Ivan
15:12 – A sample wood engraving
15:50 – Tetris-inspired print
16:23 – More samples of printed patterns
17:21 – The original “lorem ipsum”
18:19 – More ornaments!
19:45 – Journeyman printer’s mobile printing setup

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