iBB Podcast #16.2 – Peter Geraty – More Bindings! Workshop Tour

More bindings, amazing boxes, and even some smoke-like marbling on silk by Chena River Marblers — these are some of the things we discussed with Peter Geraty in another episode of iBookBinding’s Podcast!

After discussing several more bindings, Peter took us for a tour of his enormous workshop! Tools, workbenches, book projects in works — all this and more!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:17 – 21st Editions: photographs by Herman Leonard
03:58 – Smokey marbling on silk by Regina St John
06:19 – Not forgetting to have fun
07:00 – Eikoh Hosoe: The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire
08:15 – Book boxes
09:00 – More about Eikoh Hosoe: The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire
14:14 – More about boxes
16:10 – Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott Abbott – the first SciFi novel
22:12 – Perfect imperfections
26:41 – An unusual box for an unusual book
29:03 – Workshop tour
31:23 – This is by far the largest shop we’ve seen so far
32:02 – Board cutter
34:34 – Board storage #1
34:40 – Future project waiting for its time. Having a year’s backlog
36:49 – Some more presses
37:48 – Red board cutter
39:02 – Named tools
39:42 – Samples and models
40:12 – Smart mod of rail weights
40:55 – Cloths and other rolled materials storage area
41:10 – Under-the-ceiling storage
41:28 – Leather room
46:54 – Conservation by Desing green board storage
48:33 – The office and book collection
49:25 – Finishing room
49:37 – Finishing tools
51:52 – Type cabinets
52:12 – Stamping presses

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