iBB Podcast #17.3 – Dimitris Koutsipetsidis – Workshop Tour and Bookbinding Tools Dimitris Makes

We already shared two parts of our talk with Dimitris Koutsipetsidis, a bookbinder from Athens (Greece). Earlier, we discussed the things that brought him to making books and then Dimitris showed us some of his bindings. This time Dimitris takes us for a tour of his studio and shows us some of the tools he makes. To buy some of these tools, check the links below!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:12 – Workshop tour
00:43 – The Tale of the Four Benches – Tolkien vibes
03:32 – How the previous Dimitris’ workshops looked like?
07:09 – Tour: Storage rack for supplies
07:50 – Paring knives
08:13 – The type holder and stylus set Dimitris makes and sells
08:54 – Would Dimitris like to make all of his tools himself?
11:36 – If you had all the time in the world, which tools would you make for yourself right now?
13:42 – Paring knives, once again
15:29 – Backing hammer
15:54 – Tour: Cabinet with lead types
16:17 – Still using the first press Dimitris made for his projects
18:35 – Paper storage
19:11 – Smart storage for thin leather strips
19:39 – Post-It notes all over the place
22:30 – Tour: Collection of marbled paper
28:21 – Projects currently in work
31:26 – More about Tolkien
35:44 – Future project: Animal Farm
36:43 – Dimitris’ approach to design bindings
39:19 – Being a part of a tradition
43:24 – Collaborating with your family and members of your creative community
46:52 – Tour: Machining corner of the bindery
48:38 – Wooden and metal dust created during the toolmaking process. Breathing safety
51:19 – A bit more about the tools Dimitris makes and Stepan’s opinion on the tools
54:35 – Tour: Drill bits stand
55:41 – Finishing presses Dimitris made (not for sale, unfortunately)
57:37 – Board shear with a fence Dimitris made to improve the accessibility
1:00:00 – Are there plans to create any new tools?
1:02:03 – Special tools’ projects
1:02:50 – Animalcula
1:03:52 – The importance of feedback and constant updating of the tools

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