iBB Podcast #20.2 – Daniel Kelm – Show & Tell and Workshop Tour

We continue our discussion of experimental bindings with book artist Daniel Kelm while he is showing some of his impressive works!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:20 – Workshop panorama
01:38 – Templum Elementorum
06:34 – Books with transparent pages
11:27 – A couple of words about traditional leather binding
12:24 – Making an unusual box
15:39 – Integrating the box into the binding’s narrative
19:28 – Surplus Value Books by Rick Moody – A book box with a straightjacket
26:27 – Inviting the reader to modify the book
28:24 – Book models being priced higher than editions
29:50 – What’s about other people modifying Daniel’s bindings?
31:38 – The simplest form of the wire-edge binding
39:09 – Chemistry, alchemy, mathematics, architecture, etc.
42:48 – Secrecy vs. sharing
52:09 – Collaborating on the projects with the customers
54:17 – Legacy

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