iBB Podcast #21 – Lucía Farías Villarreal – Being a Bookbinder in Mexico / Medieval Bookbinding

Today we share another episode of iBookBinding’s podcast and it’s quite special. Our guest is Lucía Farías Villarreal, a bookbinder from Mexico. We are going to talk about Lucia’s projects, state of bookbinding in Mexico, and in the second part of the episode (next week), Lucia takes us for a workshop tour and shows some of her work.

However, what’s makes this episode stand apart is that Lucia decided to help us make the pilot episode of the Spanish version of iBookBinding’s podcast. It is in editing now and will be published a bit later, in two weeks or so.

As our first guest, we invited a famous Spanish bookbinder and author of books about bookbinding Josep Cambras. We also invited Rita Udina, a conservator from Barcelona, to be a co-host on this pilot episode.

Hoy compartimos un nuevo episodio del podcast iBoolBinding y es muy especial. Nuestra invitada es Lucía Farías Villarreal, una encuadernadora que vive y trabaja en Monterrey México.

Hablaremos de sus proyectos y de la encuadernación en México. En la segunda parte la semana que entra Lucía nos lleva a un recorrido por su taller y nos mostrará alguns trabajos recientes.

Lo que hace aún más especial este episodio es que Lucía nos apoyará con el primer podcast iBookBinding en Español, el cual se está editando y será publicado en un par de semanas.

Nuestro primer invitado para iBookBinding en Español es el reconocido encuadernador Josep Cambras. Nos acompañará en el podcast la conservadora Rita Udina. Ambos ubicados en Barcelona.

Manténganse al tanto!!!!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:49 – Lucia’s introduction to bookbinding
03:09 – Situation with bookbinding courses in Mexico
05:09 – From printmaking to bookbinding
06:31 – Studying at the American Academy of Bookbinding
09:44 – Making prints
10:20 – Keeping a wide range from straightforward commercial projects to design binding

12:32 – Historical binding
15:14 – Girdle books
23:33 – Miniature books
25:15 – Coptic stitch miniature with endbands
27:15 – A micro-miniature book
27:35 – The difference between standard bookbinding and miniature bookbinding
28:30 – Not using a sewing frame
30:41 – Bookbinding tools from Louët
32:23 – Mexican bookbinding tradition
37:16 – Leather binding with clasps
37:48 – Are local materials used by bookbinders in Mexico?
39:34 – Is there a guild of bookbinders in Mexico?
40:31 – Who are the customers of the Mexican bookbinders?
41:50 – Working during the Coronavirus lockdown
42:30 – Fishleather tanning

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