iBB Podcast #6 – Ingeir Djuvik – Award-Winning Hobbyist Bookbinder from Norway

Our guest this time is Ingeir Djuivik, a graphic design teacher, and an award-winning hobbyist bookbinder from Norway. We have already talked to Ingeir not once on our website, but this is the first video interview we made with him.

During the podcast, Ingeir shows and discusses several of his design bindings, including some of his old works. We also talk about his teaching experience, his tools, and his workspace arrangements (he makes books at his kitchen table!)


Our next guests are:

  • Sophia Siobhan Wolohan Bogle, a bookbinder and book conservator from Ashland, Oregon. The owner of the Save Your Books studio.
  • Luise Blackbird, a graphic designer, letterpress worker, and owner of the Trigger Press, a smart and sarcastic print shop in Scotland.

You can post your questions to Luise and Sophia in the comments below, or send them through our social accounts and email.

See the timestamps below if you want to skip to some particular part of our talk.



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Table of Contents

00:00 – Introducing Ingeir
02:00 – Ingeir’s experience of being a bookbinding teacher
02:35 – Finding the mood of the book and its design binding
03:19 – Amateur bookbinder as in “not earning money from selling bindings”
04:41 – Ingeir’s ambition for the future
05:29 – Polishing the skills vs. trying something new
07:00 – Experimental book structures vs. traditional bookbinding
08:34 – Does the design binding improve the experience of the reader? Ingeir’s favorite books to make design bindings for.

Show and Tell

09:12 – Vinterfugler (Winter Birds) by Lars Jonsson – two versions
11:47 – Leather inlays and onlays
12:19 – Preparing sketches and final designs for the bindings
14:57 – Where Ingeir gets inspiration for his bindings?
16:46 – Ingeir first bookbinding tutorial he’s got when he was 12 years old
21:57 – One of the early design bindings Ingeir made – a book with illustration by the Russian painter Ivan Bilibin. This book has panels made with an ancient bog oak embedded in its cover
23:53 – Another of Ingeir’s first bindings – The White Nile by Alan Moorehead. A book with papyrus embedded in its cover
25:22 – How Ingeir decorates book edges
26:21 – When and how Ingeir started doing bookbinding as an adult
20:10 – Being a bookbinding teacher
30:27 – Ingeir’s favorite bindings
30:54 – Walden – livet i skogene by Henry D. Thoreau – three copies Ingeir made for his children
33:10 – Which parts of the bookbinding process demand the most from Ingeir?
34:24 – Current Ingeir’s projects and participation in competitions
35:20 – Ørret by Lars Nilssen – a story of a trout from the egg to a frying pan
36:16 – Making a design binding for a book about flowers
37:25 – Importance of making boxes for design bindings
38:00 – Have any of Ingeir’s books ended up in collections?

Tools and Workspace

39:11 – Plans to teach online
40:08 – Ingeir’s tools
41:19 – Ingeir’s workshop

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