iBB Podcast #7 – Sophia Siobhan Wolohan Bogle – Save Your Books

Our seventh guest is Sophia Siobhan Wolohan Bogle, a bookbinder and book restorer from Ashland, Oregon. With her project Save Your Books, Sophia is also spending a lot of time educating people about book repair and restoration!

Our next guest is Mark Cockram, a book artist and bookbinder from London, UK. I’m always impressed by Mark’s videos where he shows his bookmaking process. They are both inspiring and educational!

You can post your questions to Mark in the comments below, or send them through our social accounts and email.

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For Book Repair Videos

Table of Contents

00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – On the difference between restoration and conservation
05:23 – On ordering the supplies during the lockdowns
06:26 – Sophia’s workload during the lockdown
07:18 – Who are the clients of the Save Your Books project? How Sophia began her career in book repair?
08:31 – On importance of finding a niche
10:23 – Sophia’s teaching experience
11:21 – Working in a used books store and the value of that experience
13:31 – Collecting books doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on books
17:41 – Talking about Sophia’s book Book Restoration Unveiled
25:28 – Courses Sophia offers on her website
28:42 – Paperbacks and their quality (or lack of the quality)
30:41 – On the difference between bookbinding and book repair courses
32:26 – Facebook groups dedicated to rare books
35:09 – The process of writing the book
37:16 – The difference in conservation and restoration approach for books and ephemera / Ethical aspects of book restoration
43:21 – Undoing previous repairs
45:07 – Is there any future for bookbinding and paper books?
49:28 – Sophia’s introduction to books and book repair
51:32 – The first project Sophia was proud of as a professional
56:41 – Workshop tour

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