iBB Podcast Special – iBookBinding is Moving to France!

Time for the big news! On the 1st of April, Stepan and his wife Sofya are moving to France. And that’s not some April Fool’s Day thing. This, of course, means that iBookBinding is also moving to France =)

The shop will have to be closed for a couple of weeks while all formalities are settled, but other activities at iBookBinding will proceed as usual.

In this video, we discuss some technical issues related to iBookBinding and its move, talk about the aspects of living far away from your homeland and moving countries, and shed some light on some moments of iBookBinding’s history.

If you want to know more about how iBookBinding works, learn our approach to developing our Instagram account, or just learn something new about peculiarities of translation of Russian names, join us and listen to this special episode of iBookBinding’s podcast!



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00:00 – Beginning
00:09 – Welcoming Stepan’s wife Sofya to the show
01:03 – Sofya and Stepan (and iBookBinding) are moving to France
01:39 – Having an artisan and a person with a corporate job in our family
03:42 – Timeline of the move
04:20 – Temporary closing iBookBinding’s shop for several weeks starting on the 23rd of March
05:03 – What happens to current orders at the iBookBinding’s shop
05:48 – Moving your possessions to a different country for the second time in three years
07:22 – Another lockdown in Paris is happening right at the moment of our move. Temporary housing
10:24 – Where exactly do we plan to settle and all that temporary housing thing
12:05 – Moscow – Leiden – Versailles
15:16 – Finally getting a separate workshop for iBookBinding
16:47 – Filling our living room with iBookBinding’s possessions
17:45 – How moving of our stuff to a different country will happen
23:20 – On reusing packaging at iBookBinding
25:48 – Learning the French language vs. Learning the Dutch language
35:20 – Dealing with a language block
45:26 – Even more on language barriers: how Russian names are translated to other languages in the works of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy
53:02 – Sofya’s thoughts on Stepan being a bookbinder and following his hobby across the border lines
53:49 – Sofya explains how we bought iBookBinding in 2015 and what it meant to Stepan after the move to the Netherlands
01:01:18 – Sofya’s work with iBookBinding’s Instagram account
01:07:22 – Processing all requests and messages from the members of our community
01:11:03 – iBookBinding’s logo
01:13:11 – Our plans for the nearest future and for the years to come
01:15:27 – Becoming more sustainable – recycling waste of 3d-printing into new tools
01:17:48 – 3d-printing paper packaging
01:18:35 – Lots of plans and not enough time. Having an assistant
01:19:45 – iBookBinding’s future as an educational project
01:24:14 – Biggest dream: to start series of bookbinding and book arts workshops for kids in different countries
01:27:23 – French and Spanish versions of iBookBinding’s podcast – we need your help!
01:28:31 – What changes are awaiting the shop after it returns
01:29:41 – Free worldwide shipping and Etsy’s policies

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