Talking to Kate Holland About the Designer Bookbinders UK Competition [iBB Podcast #27.1]

This time we invited Kate Holland, an award-winning bookbinder from the UK, who is also one of the people in charge of the Designer Bookbinders UK Competition.



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00:00 – Beginning
01:16 – Designer Bookbinders: one of the foremost societies dedicated to the craft of fine bookbinding
02:28 – Being a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders
06:36 – Designer Bookbinders as a worldwide society
07:13 – DB UK Bookbinding Competition: Set Book
08:59 – The concept of “The winning binding” in bookbinding competitions
11:57 – Book arts competitions in the UK that have more acceptance towards the experimental structures
13:01 – DB UK Bookbinding Competition participants: who they are? (geography, gender, age)
15:55 – How the Pandemic affected DB UK Bookbinding Competition
l20:44 – The sponsors of DB UK Bookbinding Competition
23:29 – The importance of organizing bookbinding competitions
24:40 – How long has the Competition and the Designer Bookbinders Society been in existence, and how did they change over time?
26:38 – Interaction of Designer Bookbinders society with the press and social media
28:50 – Postponing the Competition and the future schedule
30:05 – Being the participant of bookbinding competitions and the social aspects of being a Fellow of Bookbinders society (such as events)
33:58 – Kate’s personal experience of taking part in bookbinding competitions
36:56 – To follow or not to follow the news in bookbinding world: the influence of other’s works on an artistic view
38:03 – Sources of inspiration for work
39:11 – Current Licentiates of the Designer Bookbinders society
41:07 – Ways to attract new licentiates to the Society
43:26 – Kate’s bookbinding course structuring approach
45:13 – Difficulties of teaching the design aspects of bookbinding and the importance of having a life experience to develop an artistic view
49:34 – Ways to collect ideas and inspiration for designs

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