Owner’s Seal of a “Generous” Book Collector

This book collector has taken ownership marks to a whole new level of vindictiveness. He or she even acknowledges that the act “disfigures” the book, but seems to be justified by punishing the person who stole it that way.

The seal is found in a volume of poet Blaga lyrics, bound in half by Feyns. The book from the beginning of the 20th century. Somewhere between 1910-1930. It probably comes from a collection of a lawyer or doctor.

”Furat din Biblioteca Adrian Scărlătescu. Notă: sunt nevoit să desfigurez acest volum pentru faptul că știu că îmi dispare cărți din bibliotecă. Nu împrumut cărți. Volumul acesta în afară de biblioteca mea este furat.”

“Stolen from Adrian Scărlătescu Library. Note: I have to disfigure this volume because I know books disappear from my library. I do not borrow books. This volume outside of my library is stolen.”

Note from the translator: the verb “disappear” is used in an awfully wrong form, in single instead of the plural variant.

Many thanks to Mihai Vartejaru from Arta Cărții (Bucharest, Romania) for sharing this image in the first place. And to Anna Dinuț for helping with the interpretation.

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