An Extension to iBookBinding Online Book Collection

For quite some time I’ve been looking for a new way to show gratitude to patrons of iBookBinding at And several weeks ago I realized that I could share with them some books from my newly acquired collection.

Since moving to the Netherlands, I bought almost 200 books about book history, book arts, bookbinding, typography, etc. Some of them are quite modern, hence copyrighted. But the other ones are old enough to be digitized and shared.

Starting this October, I will digitize 2-3-4 books every month to share with patrons, who have pledged $5 per month or more. Every person giving at least $3 per month will receive one of these books as well. I guess patrons would have to vote and choose which one.

That’s, by the way, was one of the reasons I started working on the design of the book scanning frame available at our Etsy shop.

For those who don’t want to commit for long, all of the books would be available for a fixed price at my issuu account.

Two tomes of the Bibliothèque Descamps-Scrive library were one of the first books I bought at the book market in the Hague. They were bound in two volumes instead of two, but I understood I have to get them as soon as I saw multiple illustrations with all these fantastic bindings from the collection of René Descamps-Scrive.

After the death of the owner, the library was sold in 1925. During the preparation for the sale, a three-part catalog was published:

  • The first part included volumes from the 15th-18th centuries;
  • The second part included the books of the Romantic period;
  • The third part was dedicated to contemporary books.

Two first parts are already available for our patrons. The third volume will be uploaded later this month.

I will also share the list of the books scheduled for scanning with patrons of the tiers $10 and above to discuss which books should be processed first.

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