Digitized Book of the Week: A Collection of 40 Music-Themed Ex Libris

I hope this week’s digitized book would be a delight not only for book-lovers but also for the fans of classical music and music history. That’s a catalog of 40 ex libris with musical instruments or related to music.

I just found this book today but decided I cannot wait until some later time to scan and share it. It was prepared by J. F. Verster and published by F. Muller in 1897 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The foreword is in Dutch, but all the titles are given in four languages: Dutch, French, German, and English. The book is printed on the Van Gelder paper (see the watermarks below.)

Besides the 40 ex libris, this book contains a list of mottoes and the list of the owners of the given ex libris. The first chapter is comprised mainly of ex libris with horns, harps, and bells – pretty standard heraldic stuff. So the most exciting things can be found a bit further.

Below I’ll share some of the images. The whole digital version of the book is already available to our patrons at Patreon with pledges of $5 per month or more.

And some of the photos of the watermarks:

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